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Can't decide what to watch today (Again...)

SoMeFilm to the Rescue!

SoMeFilm app gets you the best personalised Movie and TV recommendations available. It works by finding out your likes and dislikes when you rate movies you've already seen and builds up a list of unique, personalised recommendations for you to choose from.

Right. Where to start?

The Easiest Thing Ever

Just rate a bunch of Movies (and TV series) and soon you'll have a list of great Movies and Shows to binge on!

If you're really looking for something a bit more specific, there are some filters to narrow down your choices.

And then?

Get your popcorn and comfy chair ready

Showtime! Watch on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO or whatever else works for you.

With the help of JustWatch, it's quick and easy to find the provider for all the recommended movies and TV series - just tap the JustWatch link in the app.

SoMeFilm and JustWatch JustWatch

And that's it?

Keep Rating for Even Better Recommendations

The more movies and TV shows you rate, the better the recommendations will become!

Rating is quick and fun - and the app will get smarter every time you rate another movie or TV show.

Oh I don't know...

Seriously? It's super quick and easy

And it's FREE!

And it's FUN!

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